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Since 1997 we have been putting people on the web. Isn’t it your turn? Take some time and browse our site. We have just deployed this version so there will be many updates coming, including an all new user portal and communications center!

If you’d like to reach us for a quote you can call us at 866-409-5236 during normal business hours, or use this form to send us a direct message. One of our associates will get back to you as soon as possible.

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PO Box 1443 Hot Springs, Arkansas

We are open:

Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm CST
Saturday: 10am – 4pm CST

Our Service

Modern Design

We utilize cutting edge technology to be able to bring you every available option on the web today. Simply put: if it can be done, we can do it.

Responsive Layout

Let’s face it, everyone has a cell phone or a tablet today. That means an effective website must also cater to devices that might not fit the general standard of desktop browsing. We have it covered.

Easy management

No need to be concerned about working with your new site, we provide full automation of html conversions. You log in, and start typing. no html or programming/coding/markup experience of any kind is needed

Our partners

We partner with only the best. Our upstream provider and datacenter  are housed in the central US for superb distribution of traffic throughout the country. Video Transcoding Services, Geo-distributed web services, all the best in their field.

Products and services

Mindzipper offers premium services and has gone to great lengths to be able to offer the best service in all aspects of hosting, development, design and video. Our offerings are completely based in house. We do not utilize outside services for our core services.

We are able to offer outside value added services and PCI compliant transaction services through strategic partnerships with key organizations.

We have stood above the competition for many years, and while we can probably never achieve the perfect model to suit everyone, we’ve gone to great lengths to get as close as we can.

Other features


We provide full consulting services. from Design, Development, Programming and Project Management

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Web Design

17 years bringing people on the web. We can bring your site to life! Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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Custom Programming

From basic HTML Markup, to PHP/MySQL, JavaScript and much more. We can accomplish what you need, regardless of the language.

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Core features

Mindzipper has put together a premium offering. Our support is as good as it gets, and our experience sets us apart from any would-be competition.

With Security at the forefront of our process of storage and delivery, you can be assured that not only are you getting the best service, but you’re also getting secure services.

Other features

eCommerce support out of the box

We have custom written commerce options to take your site live virtually instantly.

Fluid, responsive and retina-ready

Our sites work on all devices. Try it out!

Customizable design and layout

We provide you with a full WYSIWYG editor (if desired) which will allow you to create pages on the fly, with no experience.

SEO-optimized. Valid HTML5 code

Getting noticed is, kind of a big deal. We’ll get you there.

Friendly support and regular updates

The best in the business! Support is paramount at Mindzipper.

Innumerable usage possibilities

Our modular design allows you to change the entire design direction in minutes.

Let Mindzipper PUT YOU ON THE MAP

Why wait? you’re going to do it anyway, right?